We Plant Ponds

Thanks for visiting our Water Garden Website. Aquasphere has been designing and installing water gardens since 1985 from Beverly Hills to Death Valley with our main emphasis being in Southern California. Consulting projects have taken our designs to France, Germany, Mexico and the Hawaiian Islands. Every project is tailored to the specific needs of each environment and landscape design. Our uniqueness as a landscape business relates to our Primary Focus of Plant Design in the water with the ability to call upon the substantial resources of a Company Owned and Managed Aquatic Nursery. Sophisticated horticultural practices are an integral part of the Aquasphere concept. The operative words for Aquasphere are "We plant ponds anywhere of any size and love it". We have had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of residential, corporate and public installations in association with homeowners, designers, property managers, landscape architects, horticulturists, artists and contractors. The scope of projects has ranged up to installing over a thousand waterlilies in a single project. We offer global prices for our water gardens which can include design, plants, installation, filtration, water treatment, fish collections, landscaping and referral services for construction.



             Specimen plant material available for installations
             Unique bog plants, ornamental grasses and native plants
             Independence on scheduling projects
            Waterlilies (10,000) ready to go anytime
             Greenhouses which extend the flowering season
             Fish Collections


            Ecologically balanced ponds
            Unique planting techniques
            Container planting to perfection
            Landscape services adjacent to water garden
            Filtration systems
            Unique plant combinations


            LOS ANGELES GARDEN SHOW, exhibit award
            Featured in LOS ANGELES TIMES MAGAZINE
            INTERIORSCAPE MAGAZINE, two best project awards

Please call for information on site visits, project fees, consultations and availability. Thank you,  Don Hamburger.  (310) 455-3277 or E-MAIL: Aquasphere@artnet.net        HOME